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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Geschichte Westeuropas und transatl. Beziehungen

Florian Sprung, M.A., M.A. (Lond.)

Florian Sprung M.A., M.A. (Lond.)
florian.sprung (at) hu-berlin.de

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Philosophische Fakultät → Institut für Geschichtswissenschaften → Geschichte Westeuropas und der transatlantischen Beziehungen


The 1973 Oil Shock was a profound crisis, which led to several economic and political implications in the industrial countries. However, it appears as if the whole image of the Middle East in the Western industrial states had been reshaped due to the awareness of the Arab Oil Weapon. But how precisely did the image of the Middle East change? And what was actually recognised as ‘Middle East’? These questions are at the heart of my research funded by the Elsa Neumann Scholarship of the City of Berlin.


Curriculum Vitae


2012 –

PhD programme in History at Humboldt University of Berlin.



Master of Arts in Modern European Studies at University College London.


Master Thesis: ‘Unwanted Children’? About the Different Mobilisation of Sympathisers by the Red Brigades and the Red Army Faction.



Master programme in History at Humboldt University of Berlin and University of California, Berkeley.



Bachelor of Arts in History and German at Humboldt University of Berlin.