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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Joint MA - European History


Antwort zeigen oder verstecken Do I have to pay tuition fees?

Currently, there are no tuition fees at HU. However, as a HU student, you will have to pay a semester fee of approximately €307,09 euro per semester, or €250 for exchange students. These amounts are obviously subject to change. Check your admission/confirmation letter for the exact amount.

The fee is split into several separate amounts. The biggest chunk goes towards the semester ticket (~€190). The semester ticket is a seasonal student ticket for public transportation in Berlin. Every HU student is required to purchase the ticket each semester, which provides freedom of travel for the whole semester (i.e. for six months) on the U-Bahn, the S-Bahn, buses, trams, and ferry boats throughout Berlin and in Potsdam (fare zones ABC). As an added bonus, you can even take your bike along for free in case you don‘t feel like riding after a long day of studying.

You will also have to pay ~€10 for the “Studierendenschaft” (student body, which you are automatically a member of). In return, you can elect the student parliament and take advantage of the student counselling services offered by the “StuPa/RefRat”.

Another part of the fee is for the “Studentenwerk” (~€50). All students in Berlin are required to pay a fee for the services of the student welfare organization, which is responsible for the student dining facilities (“Mensa”) at the universities in Berlin, as well as for the dormitories (“Wohnheime”). In addition, the “Studentenwerk” runs a number of counselling services.

Degree students must pay an additional amount of ~€50 in administrative fees.

Antwort zeigen oder verstecken What are the guidelines for papers, essays, the master thesis?

Please find here a guideline about how to write academic essays.

The HU Sprachenzentrum also offers courses for academic writing in German and English.

Antwort zeigen oder verstecken Does Humboldt University offer scholarships for the European History MA?
Antwort zeigen oder verstecken Do I need to apply with a letter of recommendation, CV, etc.?

No, you don't need to include these documents. The success of your application depends on the GPA (grade point average) of your BA degree and your language certificates.

Antwort zeigen oder verstecken Can I apply for the MA programme even if I haven't received my BA certificate yet?

Yes, you can do this. If your degree certificate will not be available before the end of the application period, you must be no more than 30 credit points away from graduation (e.g. you must have completed at least 150 credit points for a degree amounting to a total of 180 credit points). You must submit a certificate/transcript from your Examination Board stating that you have no more than 30 CP/ECTS left to complete.

Antwort zeigen oder verstecken Is the application process different for international applicants?

Yes, it is different if you don't have a German undergraduate degree.

  • Foreign nationals with a German university qualification apply the same way as German applicants.
  • Foreign applicants (including applicants from the EU) generally apply to restricted degree courses through UNI-ASSIST in the first semester and higher semesters.
Antwort zeigen oder verstecken How many students are accepted into the programme each year?

Slots are limited and five students are accepted each year.

Antwort zeigen oder verstecken Where can I find the latest Numerus Clausus (GPA) listings?


Antwort zeigen oder verstecken Will the classes be taught in German or English?

In principle, English is the language of instruction for the whole programme. Which means that essays and other exams will be always accepted in English. Nevertheless the majority of courses at Humboldt University is still taught in German (which means that professors speak German and literature will be in German). Please check the current course catalogue for European History at Humboldt here.