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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Institut für Geschichtswissenschaften

MA European History

The Joint Master Course “Master in European History (MEH)“ is based on the initiative of UNICA - Network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe. It is a stimulating interdisciplinary, comparative Master' programme offered by a consortium of 9 universities situated in 8 major European capitals. The full-time programme consists of four semesters, during which students study at up to two or three of the programme's partner universities.

Graduates of the MEH will be awarded the title „Master of Arts“ (M.A.) with a common certificate by partner universities the student studied at. The awarding institutions are the first semester (home) university and the host university/ universities - only in case that both universities are full members of the consortium. It is compulsory for the students to study at least one semester (30 ECTS credits) at a partner university of the programme. The students will be awarded a Joint Degree if they have studied at least one semester at a full member partner university. If the students spend one semester at an associated member they will obtain a simple HU degree. It is additionally possible for the students admitted at Humboldt University, to spend an exchange semester at one of our many Erasmus-partner universities.

The Joint MA in European History is particularly suited for students interested in pursuing an internationally mobile career. This diverse programme focuses on comparative analysis of European history. It will help to strengthen the European mobility and the knowledge of foreign languages, and it will offer the opportunity to gain intercultural experiences.

The degree qualifies the holder in research, writing, and analytical skills that can be used for a broad range of careers, e.g. in education, journalism, finance, governance and the cultural sector. It also offers an excellent basis for students interested in going on to a PhD in History or similar disciplines.

In principle, English is the language of instruction and will be accepted at all partner universities for presentations, assignment and the Master thesis. The partner universities offer modules in English for at least 30 ECTS as a core programme per semester, complemented by courses or modules in other languages (e.g. language of the host university).


Study Structure

Students can choose Modules from the core themes of the degree:

  • Social and Economic History of Europe, Urbanisation and Industrialisation
  • Cultural History, History of Religions, History of Science
  • History of Dictatorships, Violence and Conflicts
  • Colonialism and Post-Colonialism
  • Imperial Histories and Nation-Building
  • Migration, International and Transcultural Relationships

Current Course catalogue at Humboldt for the summer semester 2017


Study and Examination Regulations:

Study and Examination Regulations 2014 (incl. module descriptions in English and German)

Study and Examination Regulations 2012 

and 1. Änderung der Studien- und Prüfungsordnung vom 10.07.2013


Semester fee

Humboldt University students have to pay 307,09 Euro each semester. This fee includes the student ticket for public transport in Berlin.


The partner universities

Full members

Associated members



Application period for the winter semester 2017/2018: 1st of May–31st of May 2017 (for both HU and Uni-Assist)

- It's not possible to hand in further documents after the deadline date!


Kindly note: you need to prove the knowledge of three languages !!

  • Required language proficiency: English C1, another modern language B2, German A2

--> How to prove the language proficiency

  • We don't require letters of recommendation/motivation!!


How to apply as a German student

--> Online application for german applicants here


How to apply as an international student

--> Online application "Uni-Assist" for international applicants here

Kindly note regarding Uni-Assist:

- You have to apply online and on paper during the application period. After you have applied online you get a message from Uni-Assist about which documents you need to send in. Which means, that if you apply early you improve your chances to submit an application on paper which is complete and meets all requirements of the university.

- You need to send your application to the Uni-Assist address not to Humboldt!!


Academic Coordinators: 

Prof. Dr. Michael Wildt: michael.wildt@geschichte.hu-berlin.de

Prof. Dr. Xenia von Tippelskirch: xenia.vontippelskirch@hu-berlin.de


Student Advisor:

Maleen Harten: european.history@hu-berlin.de

Consultation hours: Thursday 10-12 am

No consultation hour on April 27th!!!

Friedrichstraße 191-193

10117 Berlin

room 4011

+4930 2093 70535


Facebook group for European History students: https://www.facebook.com/groups/867562003371102/


Study in Berlin

General information about exchange semesters and internships abroad at the HU Berlin



Special Programmes for international students:


--> Information for international students at the International office

--> International Club "Orbis Humboldtianus"


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