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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Joint MA in European History

MA European History

The Joint Master in European History which was founded in 2013, is a two-year full-time Master programme, consisting of 4 semesters. The European History MA is based on the initiative of UNICA - Network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe. It is an interdisciplinary, comparative Master programme offered by a consortium of 10 universities situated in 9 major European capitals. The Humboldt University Berlin is the coordinating University of this program.

The 5 full members of the programme are Humboldt University Berlin, Roma Tre, Roma Tor Vergata, Paris Diderot and University College Dublin (The King's College London leaves the programme in summer 2018).

The 5 associated partners are: University Madrid, University Tallinn, University Sarajevo, University Belgrade, University Vienna.

It is compulsory for the European History MA students to study at least one semester (30 ECTS credits) at a partner university of the programme. The students will be awarded a Joint Degree/Double Degree if they have studied at least one semester at a full member partner university. If the students spend only one semester at an associated member they will obtain  the title „Master of Arts“ (M.A.) in European History, but no joint or double degree. It is additionally possible for the students admitted at Humboldt University, to spend an exchange semester at one of our many Erasmus-partner universities. The Full member partners accept enrolment of students for the 2-year-Master Programme and deliver a MA degree at the end of a successful study period, the associated partner universities accept students for limited mobility periods.

In principle, English is the language of instruction and will be accepted at all partner universities for presentations, assignment and the Master thesis. The partner universities offer modules in English for at least 30 ECTS as a core programme per semester, complemented by courses or modules in other languages (e.g. language of the host university).

All students are required to complete a Master’s thesis written in english. The Parties will ensure that students may successfully complete their Master’s thesis within 4-6 months, in general in the 4th semester. The topic of the Master’s thesis is to be specified within the scope of the MEH. It has to be a study about historical processes in Europe. The workload is 30 ECTS credits. The Master’s thesis has to be graded by two referees of two different Parties, if this is in accordance with national law. Students have to defend the thesis.