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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Joint MA in European History


Application period for the winter semester 2018 (Only possible for the winter semester)

1st of May - 31st of May 2018


Admission requirements

1. B.A. degree in humanities (also political science, social science, law, communication, media, journalism)

--> please note:  A history minor in the BA (60 ECTS) increases your chances to get into the programme

--> The final grade in your Bachelor and the language certificates are essential for a successful application (you find the previous "numerus clausus" listings here)


2. Knowledge of at least two languages: English C1, another modern european language B2 (German students cannot take German as B2 language!)

--> list of approved language certificates for english C1  (only in german)

--> list of approved language certificates for C1 and B2  (in english)


How to apply as a German student

--> Online application for german applicants here

--> Bewerbung für Deutsche mit ausländischem Abitur --> über UNI-ASSIST (hier mehr Info)

How to apply as an international student here

--> Online application "Uni-Assist" for international applicants here

- You have to apply online and on paper during the application period

- You need to send your application to the Uni-Assist address not to Humboldt!!


Further information regarding the application process