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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Joint MA in European History

Partner institutions

Partnership with non academic actors

In view of the EuHis programme several mutual agreements with non academic institutions have already been concluded:

- Maison de l’Europe (http://www.paris-europe.eu/)

- Fondazione Gramsci (http://www.fondazionegramsci.org/)

- Century Ireland online historical newspaper (http://www.rte.ie/centuryireland/)

- House of the Wannsee Conference: Memorial and Educational Site (http://www.ghwk.de)

- Foundation Memorial to the Murded Jews of Europe (http://www.stiftung-denkmal.de/en/home.html)

- The Museum of Occupations in Tallinn, Estonia (http://www.okupatsioon.ee/index.php/et/).

In the framework of the Agreement with non-academic partners specific activities are intended such as professional development opportunities (i.e. internships) for the programme’s students; attendance of joined conferences by students and NGO representatives, as well as joined research projects and other activities. These partner associations shall increasingly be involved for assessing the quality standards of thesis research in EuHis. Moreover they will make direct contributions to course modules by giving guest lectures, participating in discussion panels and by opening their doors for educational trips. This will contribute to broaden the perspectives of European History students.