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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Joint MA in European History


Do I have to pay tuition fees?

Humboldt University students have to pay 307,09 Euro per semester. This fee includes the student ticket for public transport in Berlin.


Does the Humboldt University offer scholarships for the European History MA?

No, the Humboldt doesn't offer Scholarships for this MA program, but here are some useful links for funding possibilities in Germany:






Do I need to apply with a letter of reccomendation, CV, etc.?

No you don't need to include these documents. The success of your application depends on the grade of your BA degree and your language certificates.


Can I apply for the MA program, if I haven't received my BA certificate yet?

Yes, you can do that. If your degree certificate will not be available before the end of the application period, you must be no more than 30 credit points away from graduation (e.g. at least 150 credit points for a degree amounting to a total of 180 credit points). You will require a certificate/Transcript from your Examination Board stating that you have no more than 30 CP/ECTS left to complete.


Is the application process different for international applicants?

Yes, if you don't have a german undergraduate degree.

  • Foreign nationals holding German university qualification apply the same way as German applicants.
  • Foreign applicants (including applicants of the the EU) for restricted degree courses in the first semester and higher semesters apply generally by UNI-ASSIST.


How many students are accepted to the program each year?

The slots are limited and 5 students are accepted each year.


Where can I find the lastest Numerus Clausus listings?