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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Joint MA in European History

Main objectives

In present days it seems more and more important to overcome national historical narratives and contribute to an understanding of diversity and plurality of Europe and to promote an European identity. It seems evident that shared European values as dignity, humanity and respect to democracy, human rights and the rule of law are and need to be rooted in the history of Europe. According to a modern understanding of history as a reservoir of knowledge, experience and richness of cultures historiography of the European countries is an indispensable medium for reflecting European identity in the presence all the more so as traumatic memories of totalitarisms and colonization still need to be replaced in a strong and critical narrative.

The main objectives of the MA programme are: 

1) to provide strong training in state-of-the-art knowledge and knowledge transfer,

2) to enhance opportunities for academic career and training in cultural institutions,

3) to support our graduates through European networks of mentors, pairs and non academic associations early in their careers,

4) to train „cultural brokers“ who are urgently needed in today’s professional world.


The Joint MA in European History is particularly suited for students interested in pursuing an internationally mobile career. This diverse programme focuses on comparative analysis of European history. It will help to strengthen the European mobility and the knowledge of foreign languages, and it will offer the opportunity to gain intercultural experiences.

The Master course should qualify for a professional career in different sectors of society (private domain, public institutions, organizations of social and political interest representation, cultural institutions, foundations, media world, publishing and journalism) or in academia – especially in an international environment. It also offers an excellent basis for students interested in going on to a PhD in History or similar disciplines.

  • The programme will therefore prepare for and inform about PhD positions.
  • To foster their employability the programme will be offering the possibility of internships in a range of different cultural institutions.