Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Southeast European History

Bernd Robionek

The ethnic-German Cooperative System in Vojvodina (1922-41)

The study focusses on the political relevance of the cooperative system, which was presided by leading figures of the German minority in the multiethnic Vojvodina. Beyond the relations to the South-Slav state, the study highlights the significance of the cooperatives in the struggle of the ethnic-German movement with other ethnic groups, an aspect which hitherto has been neglected by historical science. In the chapters dealing with the time since the early 1930s, attention is given to the internal disruptions of the German minority movement and how they can be retraced through the cooperative system. Thus, the study not only provides an understanding of the economic dimensions of minority politics, but also sheds light on the materialistic component of the political conflicts which occurred within the German minority in Yugoslavia.