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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Southeast European History


An overview of the dissertation projects currently conducted at the Chair can be found here:


Martin Blasius
“Football in Yugoslav self-management socialism" (more ...)




Johannes Breit
"Serbenbild und rassistische Diskurse in der deutschen Okkupation Serbiens 1941-1944" (mehr...)



Veronika Hager
"Thinking about the Ottoman Empire in the Early Republic of Turkey” (more ...)


Kathrin Jurkat
Impact of Transition on Workers - An Investigation of the Serbian Working World (more ...)

 See full-sized image

Bojana Meyn
Foreign and security policy in the Balkans: Tito, Greece and the Western powers in the 1950s (more ...

Jovo Miladinović
Drafting into the Military during the End and Change of Empires in the Multi-Confessional Border Land: "Sancaks" (mehr...)

Janis Nalbadidacis
In the dungeons of the dictatorship: A comparative study of centres of torture in Argentina and Greece during the period of dictatorship (more ...)




Thomas Porena
Displaced Yugoslavia 1945: The Comeback of the Yugoslavian Prisoners of War,  Concentration Camp Inmates and Slave Labourers from Germany -  An Analysis Of Social And National Reintegration (more ...)

Thomas Schad
From Fellow Muslims into Fellow Nationals? Migrants from Yugoslavia to Turkey between demographic engineering and trans-national figurations in İstanbul and İzmir (1945–1990) (Arbeitstitel) (mehr...)


Concluded dissertation projects



Dr. des. Ruža Fotiadis

Doctoral defence 24 October 2018

Subject of the doctoral thesis: “Traditional Friends and Orthodox Brothers“ – das griechisch-serbische Beziehungsparadigma (mehr ...)

Dr. des. Andreas Guidi

Doctoral defence 09 July 2018

Subject of the doctoral thesis: Generations in flux: Rhodos’ transition from late imperial to totalitarian rule (1900-1930) (more ...)


Dr. des. Robert Lučić

Doctoral defence 28 May 2018

Subject of the doctoral thesis: War and Peace in Socialism - The Yugoslav People´s Army and the Break-up of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. (more ...)


Dr. des. Bernd Robionek

Doctoral defence 20 March 2018

Subject of the doctoral thesis: Das deutsche Genossenschaftswesen in der Vojvodina (1922-41) (mehr ...)


Dr. Boris Stamenić

Doctoral defence 17 April 2015

Subject of the doctoral thesis: "Sinjska Alka. Das politische Leben eines Ritterspiels" (Projektbeschreibung)

Published as: Das politische Leben eines Ritterspiels. Die Sinjska alka als Vehikel politischer Legitimation im 20. Jahrhundert, Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz (Balkanologische Veröffentlichungen Bd. 63) 2017.

Dr. Đorđe Tomić

Doctoral defence 28 November 2014

Subject of the doctoral thesis: New borders - old borders. Processes of symbolic delimitation and discourses of alterity in Vojvodina during the 1990ies.

Published as:  „Phantomgrenzen“ in Zeiten des Umbruchs. Die Autonomieidee in der Vojvodina der 1990er Jahre, Berlin: Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin 2015.

Dr. Claudia Lichnofsky

Doctoral defence 31 October 2014

Subject of the doctoral thesis: Appearance of new ethnic identifications – the example of Ashkali and Egyptians in Kosovo

Published as: Ethnienbildung von Muslimen als Abwehr von Antiziganismus: Das Beispiel der Roma, Ashkali und Ägypter im Kosovo, Berlin: Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin 2016.

Dr. Konrad Petrovszky

Doctoral defence 08 July 2013

Subject of the doctoral thesis: Orthodox historiography in Ottoman Southeastern Europe in the 16th and 17th Centuries. A study of its formative conditions and forms of expression.

Publiziert als: Geschichte schreiben im osmanischen Südosteuropa. Eine Kulturgeschichte orthodoxer Historiographie des 16. und 17. Jahrhunderts, Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz (Balkanologische Veröffentlichungen 60) 2014.

Dr. Nicole Immig

Doctoral defence 03 May 2013

Subject of the doctoral thesis: Between Emigration and Participation: Muslims in Greece 1878-1897

Published as: Zwischen Partizipation und Emigration Muslime in Griechenland 1878-1897, Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz (Balkanologische Veröffentlichungen 62) 2015.