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An overview of the dissertation projects currently conducted at the Chair can be found here:


Lucija-Baksic-3.jpg Lucija Bakšić
Intellectual Networks and Circulation of Individual Psychology in East-Central and South-East Europe in the First Half of the 20th Century (project description ...)
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Foto - Blasius

Martin Blasius
“Football in Yugoslav self-management socialism" (project description ...)





Johannes Breit
"Serbenbild und rassistische Diskurse in der deutschen Okkupation Serbiens 1941-1944" (project description...)

Photo de CV_ (004).png Zeynep Ertugrul
Preaching the Republic: The Spokespeople of the Single-Party Regime in Turkey (project description ...)
Foto Maren Francke schmal.jpg Maren Francke
"Ein liberales Projekt? Die ungarischen ‚Fachkollegien‘ seit dem Spätsozialismus" (project description...)
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Veronika Hager
"Thinking about the Ottoman Empire in the Early Republic of Turkey” (project description ...)


Priska Komaromi

Buying Sex under Consumer Socialism: Western Clients and Transnational Masculinities in Hungarian Sex Tourism, 1968-89. (project description....)



Ewa Anna Kumelowski
The Sarajevo Ghetto Spectacle: historical trajectories of the Yugoslav visual arts community during the siege of Sarajevo (project description...)


Thomas Porena
Displaced Yugoslavia 1945: The Comeback of the Yugoslavian Prisoners of War,  Concentration Camp Inmates and Slave Labourers from Germany -  An Analysis Of Social And National Reintegration (project description ...)

ugorets_victor (002).jpg

Victor Ugorets
Geschichte der jugoslawisch-israelischen Beziehungen vom Abbruch der diplomatischen Beziehungen bis zum Zerfall Jugoslawiens 1967-1991 (project description...)

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Concluded dissertation projects


Jovo Miladinovic3

Dr. des. Jovo Miladinović
Doctoral defence 27 October 2021 

Subject of the doctoral thesis: „Heroes, Traitors, and Survivors in the Borderlands of Empires: Military Mobilizations and Local Communities in the Sandžak (1900s-1920s)“ (project description...)



Dr. des. Kathrin Jurkat
Doctoral defence 12 July 2021

Subject of the doctoral thesis: "Impact of Transition on Workers - An Investigation of the Serbian Working World (project description ...)"

Janis Nalbadidacis sw

Dr. Janis Nalbadidacis

Doctoral defence 08 July 2020

Subject of the doctoral thesis: "In the dungeons of the dictatorship: A comparative study of centres of torture in Argentina and Greece during the period of dictatorship (project description ...)"


Dr. Thomas Schad
Doctoral defence 07 July 2020

Subject of the doctoral thesis: "From Fellow Muslims into Fellow Nationals? Migrants from Yugoslavia to Turkey between demographic engineering and trans-national figurations in İstanbul and İzmir (1945–1990) " (project description...)


Dr. Ruža Fotiadis

Doctoral defence 24 October 2018

Subject of the doctoral thesis: “Traditional Friends and Orthodox Brothers“ – das griechisch-serbische Beziehungsparadigma. (Project description)

Foto Guidi

Dr. Andreas Guidi

Doctoral defence 09 July 2018

Subject of the doctoral thesis: Youth and generation between two empires. Changing sociabilities  from Ottoman to Italian rule in Rhodes (project description ...)

Published as: Generations of Empire: Youth from Ottoman to Italian Rule in the Mediterranean (Toronto Italien Studies). Toronto: University of Toronto Press 2022.

lucic gr

Dr. Robert Lučić

Doctoral defence 28 May 2018

Subject of the doctoral thesis: War and Peace in Socialism - The Yugoslav People´s Army and the Break-up of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. (project description ...)


Robionek HU (2)

Dr. Bernd Robionek

Doctoral defence 20 March 2018

Subject of the doctoral thesis: Das deutsche Genossenschaftswesen in der Vojvodina (1922-41) (project description ...)



Dr. Boris Stamenić

Doctoral defence 17 April 2015

Subject of the doctoral thesis: "Sinjska Alka. Das politische Leben eines Ritterspiels" (Project description)

Published as: Das politische Leben eines Ritterspiels. Die Sinjska alka als Vehikel politischer Legitimation im 20. Jahrhundert, Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz (Balkanologische Veröffentlichungen Bd. 63) 2017.

tomic dorde

Dr. Đorđe Tomić

Doctoral defence 28 November 2014

Subject of the doctoral thesis: New borders - old borders. Processes of symbolic delimitation and discourses of alterity in Vojvodina during the 1990ies. (Project description)

Published as:  „Phantomgrenzen“ in Zeiten des Umbruchs. Die Autonomieidee in der Vojvodina der 1990er Jahre, Berlin: Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin 2015.

Lichnowski sw sized

Dr. Claudia Lichnofsky

Doctoral defence 31 October 2014

Subject of the doctoral thesis: Appearance of new ethnic identifications – the example of Ashkali and Egyptians in Kosovo (project description)

Published as: Ethnienbildung von Muslimen als Abwehr von Antiziganismus: Das Beispiel der Roma, Ashkali und Ägypter im Kosovo, Berlin: Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin 2016.

csm Petrovszky 18fb23d641

Dr. Konrad Petrovszky

Doctoral defence 08 July 2013

Subject of the doctoral thesis: Orthodox historiography in Ottoman Southeastern Europe in the 16th and 17th Centuries. A study of its formative conditions and forms of expression. (project description)

Publiziert als: Geschichte schreiben im osmanischen Südosteuropa. Eine Kulturgeschichte orthodoxer Historiographie des 16. und 17. Jahrhunderts, Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz (Balkanologische Veröffentlichungen 60) 2014.

immig klein

Dr. Nicole Immig

Doctoral defence 03 May 2013

Subject of the doctoral thesis: Between Emigration and Participation: Muslims in Greece 1878-1897. (project description)

Published as: Zwischen Partizipation und Emigration Muslime in Griechenland 1878-1897, Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz (Balkanologische Veröffentlichungen 62) 2015.