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Die FachThe unit for History Education examines the conditions, goals and possibilities of historical learning. This is done primarily within, although is not limited to, an educational setting. The field of History Education seeks first and foremost to distinguish between didactic questions that tackle the “why” of historical learning processes and teaching methods – this encompasses both resource and media usage – that address the “how”.

History Education is committed to the advancement of historical awareness among its students. To obtain this objective, it relies upon principals of historical theory and its close connection to general history. Curriculum focuses on the school as an institution, but also examines how historical learning takes place in different cultural and institutional contexts, from museums and historic sites to visual media. 

Unit teaching, research and practica concentrate on the following areas: the history of History Didactics as an academic discipline, the relationship between academic and non-academic historical learning, the advancement of historical expertise – with special consideration given to the development of narrative competence, the relationship between didactics and methodologies of historical learning as well as the requisites of teacher training – studied against the backdrop of modern-day society, which has witnessed increased demand for professional expertise from teachers and pupils.


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