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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Social and Economic History

M.A., Dipl.-Archivarin Ariane Wessel

M.A., Dipl.-Archivarin Ariane Wessel
ariane.wessel (at) geschichte.hu-berlin.de

Philosophische Fakultät → Institut für Geschichtswissenschaften → Sozial- und Wirtschaftsgeschichte
Visiting address
Mohrenstraße 40/41 , Room 121
Phone number
(030) 2093-70676

Recent Project: "Social advancement in the period of globalization. Jewish grain traders at the Berlin commodity exchange 1860-1914" funded by the German Research Community (DFG).

The project is studying the economic and social advancement of Jewish grain traders in Berlin. Most of these Jewish traders immigrated to Berlin in the 1860s from the eastern provinces of Prussia, and their enterprises developed within only one generation to very successful, globally operating companies which dealt at the stock exchange and expanded into the banking sector. Their owners became more and more integrated into the elite of the business bourgoisie of Berlin. The goal of the research project is to highlight and explain the sources and the impact of this economic and social advancement.

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