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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Social and Economic History

Research Colloquium

The Berliner Forschungskolloquium Wirtschafts- und Sozialgeschichte is organised by the Institut für Wirtschaftsgeschichte (Nikolaus Wolf) and the Lehrstuhl für Sozial- und Wirtschaftsgeschichte (Alexander Nützenadel).

It takes place between 5 and 6 pm at Unter den Linden 6, in room Raum 2095B.


16.10.2019 LEIGH SHAW-TAYLOR (UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE) Industrialisation, economic development, the Industrial Revolution and occupational structure in England and Wales 1500 - 1911 with some extension back to 1381 and forward to 2011.

23.10. DANIEL RAFF (UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA) Business History and the Problem of Action

06.11. JEPPE NEVERS (UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN DENMARK) Industrial Policy in the Age of Neoliberalism: Danish Examples

13.11. LARS BÖRNER (MARTIN-LUTHER-UNIVERSITY OF HALLE-WITTENBERG) Market Design and Pre-Modern Economic Growth

20.11. ALEXANDER KRIWOLUZKY (DIW BERLIN) Spardiktat: Fiscal Austerity and its Consequences in the German Depression, 1930-1932

27.11. THILO HUNING (UNIVERSITY OF YORK) The Fetters of Inheritance? Equal Partition and Regional Economic Development (joint with Fabian Wahl)

04.12.  GIOVANNI VECCHI (UNIVERSITY OF ROME „TOR VERGATA“) Aristocracy and Inequality in Italy, 1861-1931

11.12. ADAM BRZEZINSKI (UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD) To Bribe or to Build? Endogenous Institutions and the Resource Curse

18.12. TANJA SKAMBRAKS (UNIVERSITÄT MANNHEIM) Strategies of survival. The working poor and small credit in Rome and Perugia (15th and 16th centuries)

08.01.2020 BENJAMIN MÖCKEL (UNIVERSITÄT ZU KÖLN) Consumers of the World, Unite! Consumption and Political Activism in Britain and West Germany in the 1960s – 1990s

15.01. FRANCESO CINIRELLA (UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN DENMARK) Froebel's Gifts: How the Kindergarten Movement Changed the American Family

22.01. MARK JACOB (PHILIPPS-UNIVERSITÄT MARBURG) Export and Security: the creation and application of trade credit insurance in the interwar period

29.01. ULRICH PFISTER (UNIVERSITY MÜNSTER) Economic growth in Germany, 1500-1850

05.02. CHRISTOPH RASS (UNIVERSITÄT OSNABRÜCK)"Big Data" before "Big Data"? New approaches to large card file indices

12.02. NINA KLEINÖDER (PHILIPPS-UNIVERSITÄT MARBURG) Doing Business in Africa. German Colonial Railway Building before WWI