Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Social and Economic History


Martin Lutz: Lecture at the Congress of Economic and Social History
As part of the conference, Martin Lutz will give a lecture on March 31: Stiftungen als Vermögenshort der Familie: Siemens im langen 20. Jahrhundert.


Laetitia Lenel at Anno PunktPunktPunkt

In episode 091 of the podcast Anno PunktPunktPunkt on current research in history, Laetitia Lenel shares her research on the transatlantic history of business forecasting.


Martin Lutz: lecture at "Religious Utopias" conference

The conference will take place from march 16th to 18th at the Institute for European Ethnology. Martin Lutz will give a lecture on moral economy in modern capitalism (A Utopian Moral Economy Meets Modern Capitalism: Communitarian Hutterites in 20th Century America). The full program and the registration for the conference can be found here.

Lutz double funnel for historical analysis

The "Lutz Double Funnel for Historical Analysis" is a tool that helps students better narrow the topic and develop a stringent argument. 

Martin Lutz: article in "The European Experience"

Martin Lutz, Judit Klement and Ander Permanyer publish an article on the development of industrial capitalism in the 19th century with a focus on market conditions and business actors. "Entrepreneurs, Markets and Companies in Modern History (ca. 1800–1900)" represents three case studies, showing the trade in tea and grain, and the development of the electric industry.

Alexander Nützenadel at Bayerischer Rundefunk

For the podcast "Radiowissen" on the History of Economic Policy - Of Purifying Crises and Uneasy Quadrangles, Alexander Nützenadel gives an overview of the 20th century's theories and economic instruments as well as of important players in the market economy.

Alexander Nützenadel: Lecture as Visiting Fellow at AxPo - Observatory of Market Society Polarization

During his stay as Visiting Fellow at Axpo, Alexander Nützenadel will give the following lecture:

The Long Shadow of 1931: Regulatory Cycles in Comparative Perspective (1930-1980), Monday, 27 March 2023, 13:30-15:00 – AxPo Observatory of Market Society Polarization
co-organized with the Centre d'Histoire, Sciences Po 

Discussant: Paul-André Rosental, Director, Centre d’Histoire de Sciences Po (CHSP) 


Tobias Scheib: blog post on the old-age provision in Italy
For a blog on the development of old-age provisions in the Federal Republic, Tobias Scheib sheds light on another important European player. The analysis focuses on the emergence and development of the Italian pension system since the late 19th century. It becomes clear that old-age provision has always been embedded in political and macroeconomic circumstances, which makes it interesting for studies beyond the narrowly defined topic.


Laetitia Lenel on the Crisis Discourse and the Role of Historiography
In an article for New Political Literature, Laetitia Lenel reviews Adam Tooze's "Shutdown" and Malte Thiessen's "Social History of the Corona Pandemic"- Therefore, she addresses the role of historiography in crisis discourse.

The full article can be found here.

Allein unter Akademiker*innen

Martin Lutz and Julia Eichenberg on the lack of accessibility at German universities for students whose parents do not have an academic degree. At HU, the initiative "Seid ihr die Ersten"  campaigns for more support for these students.
You can read the full article here.

Konkurrenz oder Koproduktion? Zur Erinnerung an Holocaust und Kolonialverbrechen

In an article for Merkur, Laetitia Lenel and Catherine Davies address the debate on the relationship between the memory of the Holocaust and colonial crimes. The article takes a look at the conditions of public engagement with violent crimes.

You can find the article here.

Felix Römer has been accepted into the Heisenberg Programme

The Heisenberg Programme is intended to enable outstanding researchers who meet all the requirements for appointment to a long-term professorship to prepare for a senior academic role while continuing their research work.

Laetitia Lenel receives the Droysen Award

For her dissertation "The Hopeful Science. A Transatlantic History of Business Forecasting, 1920-1960" Laetitia Lenel receives the Johann-Gustav-Droysen Award of the Department of History's Friends Association.