Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Social and Economic History

Industrial Policy in Italy

"Programmare il miracolo economico?"

Industrial Policy in Italy Between Boom and Crisis, 1958-1973



This research project focuses on economic policy in Italy during the long sixties (1957-1974). It examines the diverse attempts at transforming the country into an industrial state. Industrial policy, originally devised as a long-term strategy partly founded on the traditions of the fascist corporatism of the 1930s, was increasingly used as a short-term means to avert crisis.

Our project aims at comprehensively reconstructing the development of Italian industrial policy using a broad array of sources. In addition, the developments in Italy are located in their European contexts: The effects of the foundation of the EEC in 1957 are examined, as well as processes of reciprocal learning and exchange within the realm of economic policy.