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The Chair for Southeast European History specializes in the history of South-East and Central Europe in the 19th and 20th centuries, with emphasis on a comparative perspective.This comparative approach starts by focusing on the societal changes that took place in the late Ottoman and Habsburg Empires, which are explored by concentrating on a diverse set of units of analysis, such as families, communities and the impact of the development of the welfare state on these societies. In this context, the problems of social integration in South-East and Central Europe during the time of Socialism are also of great interest for the Chair. With this societal concern at its core, recent theories and processes of ethnic conflict also constitute an area of particular interest. Finally, the thematic focus also includes the contemporary transformation of the region from Communist dictatorships into Capitalist democracies and the on-going process of EU integration.

One of the most important aspects of the research conducted within the chair is the use of methods from historical Anthropology, an approach that has by now ceased to be at the margins of our discipline and has become crucial to the practice of historical research. Emphasis on understanding the centrality of a self-perceived subjective reality will be coupled with an awareness of the need to formulate complex explanations that include the socio-political, economic and cultural context in order to explain human motivation and action, an approach that is also transferable to research that transcends our region. (More)


Prof. Dr. Hannes Grandits


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