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Weltecke, Dorothea - The "Description of the Times" by Mor Michael the Great (1126-1199)

Weltecke, Dorothea:
The "Description of the Times" by Mor Michael the Great: A Study on its Historical and its Historiographical Context; Leuven: Peeters 2021.

This is the first in-depth study of the largest medieval Christian chronicle, written by the Syriac Orthodox Patriarch Michael (1126-1199). The codex unicus from 1598, along with remarks made by scribes and by the author himself, is used to reconstruct the original layout of the chronicle. The study compares the chronicle with works that share its form and sources to reveal Michael’s intentions, particularly the (lost) chronicles by Jacob of Edessa (633-708), Patriarch Dionysius of Tel-Mahre (772-834) and the chronicle by Maphrian Bar 'Ebroyo (1226-1286).
Michael studied the history of the world throughout his entire adult life. There is hardly any other medieval Christian chronicler in the West or East who reflected on his method to such an extent. The result was an intricate historical argument as part of the historico-theological disputes of his time. Michael documented a history in which the Suryoye had a place rooted in the secular empires of the Ancient Near East, in their Patriarchal succession and in the heavenly kingdom of the Anointed One.




Reihe: Eastern Christian Studies
Bandnummer: 27

Umfang/Format: XVI, 309 Seiten

Erscheinungsdatum: 2021

ISBN: 978-9-042-93658-4 (print), 978-9-042-93888-5 (digital)