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Beyond Versailles. Governance, Legitimacy, and the Formation of New Polities after the Great War

May 21-23, 2015


WS Beyond Versailles.jpgThe end of the war brought massive changes to European empires and nations as well as to the international order. It spelled the demise of traditional, authoritarian regimes in Russia, Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire. At the same time, new states were born, new borders drawn, new forms of political participation implemented, and new rules of citizenship established. This forging of a new order was a multifaceted, open-ended, and competitive process that unfolded well before the leaders of the Allied and Associated Nations convened in Paris to settle the postwar world and continued long after the Peace Treaties had been signed. In much of Europe and beyond, the very substance of what constituted a political community and how it should be governed was up for grabs.




The workshop is open to interested scholars but registration is essential as space is limited.


Organization and contact:
Dr. Marcus M. Payk, Humboldt Univ. of Berlin
Dr. Roberta Pergher, Indiana Univ. Bloomington