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Dr. Sachiko Iijima

Dr. Sachiko Iijima
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Since 2021, Sachiko Iijima has been an associate professor in the Department of International Studies at the Faculty of International Communication at Aichi University in Nagoya.

She was an assistant professor at Aichi University from 2017 to 2021 and a lecturer at Yamagata University, Showa Women's University from 2015 to 2017, as well as a research associate at the Kanagawa Prefectural Government Project. She was a research fellow at the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Humanities and Sociology, University of Tokyo for several years.

In 2013, she completed her PhD in sociology at the University of Tokyo with the dissertation topic "What German reunification brought to the social scientists of the GDR: An example research at Humboldt University in Berlin".



Research interests

  • Life stories

  • Turning points in the course of life during social and political upheavals

  • Social history and individual history

  • Higher education and social change (German reunification)

  • Qualitative research with interviews, media research with content analysis.


Research Projects

My main focus is on research relating to the development of social sciences in German higher education in recent years. In addition, there are necessary analyses and additional interviews that took place with former contacts. I have planned additional interviews at two other universities (MLU Halle, University of Leipzig).
The results of my research projects are to be published in the Japanese sociological literature at a later stage.