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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Department of History

Research and Projects

The Department of History engages in numerous academic research projects covering a variety of geographical regions, time periods and subject areas. At no other university in Germany does research play a more pivotal role in departmental proceedings than at the Humboldt Universität zu Berlin. A sizable percentage of the faculty’s research is dedicated to the pursuit of post-graduate and post-doctoral-level work. Increasingly funded by external third-party sponsors, these research projects provide junior historians the chance to strengthen their professional credentials while gaining invaluable historical research experience.
Large collaborative research centers have recently proven themselves indispensible to the department’s research efforts. The centers allow historians and academics of various disciplines to work together within long-term, large-scale research programs. They also support cross-disciplinary collaboration through the designation of “thematic research focuses”, which highlight the common interests of multiple subject areas and chronological periods. Topics range from migration history and the history of media, images and spoken communication, to the history of violence and the history of
Berlin. While scholars conduct their research independently of one another, the centers facilitate their regular participation in rigorous academic exchange.
The projects listed to your left represent just a selection of the department’s ongoing research efforts; let them serve to illustrate the rich epochal, regional and thematic diversity of our research activities.

Joint Projects

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Third-Party Funded Projects

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Research Training Groups

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