Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Department of History

Research and projects

The Institute research projects in large numbers and diversity are operated; probably nowhere else in Germany, the history plays such a large role as a research as to the Humboldt University. Some of these research projects are as a qualification (PhD or habilitation) followed by employees; projects are increasingly financed by external donors (external funding). This gives young scientists and young researchers the opportunity to work as a historian researching and continue to qualify.

Increasingly important to large research networks such as the Collaborative Research Centres (CRC), in which historians work together with scientists from other disciplines and pursue long periods of time on minor issues. In an informal setting, there are thematic research areas, which represent the common interests of different departments and eras, such as migration history, the history of media, images and linguistic communication, violence, or Berlin. Scientists conduct research on these topics from different eras and regions independently, but are in constant communication with each other.

The projects described below represent a small selection of the numerous projects and are intended to illustrate the thematic, regional and epochal facets of research at the Institute for Historical Sciences.