Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Joint MA - European History

Mandatory Exchange semester

- All European History Master of Arts students must submit their application for a mobility period abroad by the following deadline:

- 31 January 2024: for a mobility period in the winter semester 2024/2025 and the summer semester 2025

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Please note: You need to complete 30 CP for the joint/double degree (partner university) or 21 CP for an exchange semester at an associated partner university.

"Leave of absence"/Urlaubssemester

You can apply for a Urlaubssemester/ "leave of absence" during your exchange semester, which means that this semester wouldn't appear on their diploma and you don't have to pay the semester fee (but you can pay 200 Euro for the public transport ticket in Berlin) during the exchange semester

More info regarding "Urlaubssemester" here

All mobility applications require the following: 



Erasmus+ funding for the exchange semester


Group A: Ireland, Norway - 600 Euro per month

Group B: France, Italy, Austria, Spain, Portugal - 540 Euro per month

Group C: Estonia - 490 Euro per month

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Further scholarships for the exchange semester


Erasmus Documents

Documents you must hand in before, during, and after your exchange semester:


1) Before the mobility period (Deadline: 30 June/30 November)

- Learning Agreement


2) During the mobility period (Deadline: three weeks after the semester starts)

- Confirmation of Registration

- Learning Agreement

- Language test (online, EU-language test)


3) After the mobility period (Deadline: three weeks after the semester ends)

- Confirmation of student stay abroad

- HU Experience Report

- EU-Report

- Second EU-language test

- Transcript of Records (from the partner university)

- Complete Learning Agreement (all pages)