Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Joint MA - European History

Master's Thesis at Humboldt

  • All students are required to complete a master’s thesis written in English of 60-70 pages within max 17 weeks
  • Please find here a guideline about how to write academic essays
  • The topic of the master’s thesis must be specified within the scope of the MEH. It must be a study of historical processes in Europe.
  • The workload is 30 ECTS credits
  • The master’s thesis will be graded by two supervisors from two different partner universities (Humboldt University and the host university), if this is in accordance with national law, students will have to defend the thesis (usually via a video conference)
  • Please note: students whose second supervisor is from Université de Paris Cité, have to write an additional abstract of their Master's thesis (20 pages)
  • You have to register your master's thesis at the Examination office of the Humboldt history department.

Master's Thesis written by HU students


Victor Wagner: "German Infantry Officers and Unofficial Truces on the Western Front of the First World War: Controlling 'Live and Let Live'"

(exchange semester at UCD)



Jasper Riemann: "The World Camp of Jewish Scouts in Colleville-sur-Orne, France, in August 1931. An Example of International Contacts and Networks of Jewish Youth in the Interwar Years"

(exchange semester at UCD)



Thilo Schäfer: "Thangata" - Work without Profit. Voices and Agency of African Carriers in the British East Africa Campaign during the First World War, 1914-1918

(exchange semester at UCD)


Tilman Hurlin: Progress through "villagization" – Social engineering in forced resettlements during Kenya’s Emergency, 1952 – 1959

(exchange semester at UCD)


Meriam Bendakir: Emancipation policies in French Algeria during the Algerian War (1954-1962) (exchange semester at Paris Diderot)



Philine Seydel: German social democracy and the Armenian genocide. The social democratic discourse on the "Armenian atrocities" in the party press organ "Vorwärts" between 1914 and 1920

(Exchange semester at Paris Diderot)



Swantje BahnsenMemorial Sites and Virtual Reality: A 360°-Documentation of the Former Women's Prison Hoheneck 

(exchange semester in Dublin UCD)


Björn Boldt: Insults Against Joseph Stalin as Political Crimes in the German Democratic Republic, 1949-1956 

(exchange semester in Dublin UCD)


Johanna Lerch: Testing Contested. Student Observation for Vocational Counseling, Germany 1917-1927

(exchange semester in London KCL)


Kathleen Burke: Cooks, Crops and Culinary Techniques: Luso-Asian Women in the Malay Archipelago

(exchange semester in London KCL)



Carme Correa: Discursive strategies of purity of blood in "The first new chronicle and good government" by Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala 

(exchange semester at Roma Tre)


Lotte Thaa: Peeking through the Berlin Wall – A Case Study of East-West German Exhibition Planning after 1989 

(exchange semester at Paris Diderot)


Isadora PamplonaRealms of Memory: The Construction of the Berlin Republic 

(exchange semester at Roma Tre)


Enrico Casciaro: Race, Love and Prestige: Civilizing Affects in Italian Eastern Africa, 1937-1941

(exchange semester at London KCL)


Martin HamreNorwegian Fascism in a Transnational Perspective. The Influence of German National Socialism and Italian Fascism on the Nasjonal Samling 1933-1936 

(exchange semesters at London KCL and University Vienna)



Daniel SussmanA Democratic Modern Palace? London's Clubland in the Age of Reform, c.1815-1850

(exchange semesters at Roma Tre and London KCL)


Rachel Dickstein: The Arab-Israeli Conflict in 1967 and 1973 as Reflected in West German and French Foreign Policy, Newspaper Discourses, and Public Opinion Polls 

(exchange semester at Paris Diderot)