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Clio-online was founded in 2001 as a collaborative effort to develop a specialist portal for the field of history. Together with partners from archives and libraries, central directory services were developed that today serve as an access point to the historical branch of the World Wide Web. As such, the web directory accounts for over 8,000 databases, websites und other online resources of historical relevance. Researchers and research institutions can be looked up in the institution directory and the researcher database. The Clio-online guides provide introductions to online resources, each with a different focus depending on the region, period or topic. These introductions can be supplemented by a database search of the main features of the libraries and archives.


Along with the online history portal, Clio-online Historisches Fachinformationssystem e.V., an association founded in 2007, is responsible for other specialist information services and portals: The H-Soz-Kult specialist information forum is one of the world’s most significant and popular resources for historical research. H-Soz-Kult is part of Humanities and Social Sciences Online (H-NET), which contains numerous forums on social and cultural sciences, and humanities. Since 1996, H-Soz-Kult has been publishing specialist news and publications online as a specialist forum and moderated information and communication platform for historians. As a starting point for research and teaching, European History and World War I web portals offer materials, essays and sources intended for use in research and teaching at universities and institutions of research and higher education.


Further online services are offered by collaborative partners as part of Clio-online at research institutions outside of Humboldt-Universität. Zentrum für Zeithistorische Forschung Potsdam is where docupedia-zeitgeschichte is maintained, which publishes summary articles on central terms, concepts, fields of research and methods of contemporary historical research. The portal Zeitgeschichte-online is primarily targeted towards contemporary historians, history students as well as a wide audience a history enthusiasts. The portal provides information on new trends in research and current debates in realm of contemporary history. With Visual History a communicative and informative platform is being developed that offers insight into the historical research of images. With the forum geschichte.transnational, the Global and European Studies Institute of Leipzig University and 'Transferts culturels" research group at the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) in Paris offer a specialist forum for world history as Clio-online content providers.



As part of the Clio-online projects, several journals and periodicals are published online:



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