Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Department of History

ISHA and Orbis


  • The International Students of History Association is a global, independent organisation of students in the field of history and related disciplines. Our goal is to connect students from all over the world and to offer a platform for common exchange.

    The Berlin Section is very active at the local level and regularly organises events. Furthermore, every three years we organise a large international seminar for participants from all over Europe and beyond. The section is open to students from Humboldt University, Freie Universität and other Berlin universities and colleges. In addition to our regular plenary sessions, we also organize visits to museums and exhibitions, reading groups, excursions, film evenings, or go out for a drink together.


  • The International Club, Orbis Humboldtianus, is part of the International Office and is organized by Humboldt students for international students. It is a regular meeting place for all German and international HU students who would like to exchange ideas with people from other countries and cultures.

    From Monday to Friday (except during the semester break), students can come in to the Orbis offices and ask staff at the information desk questions about studying and living at HU.

    Orbis offers a visa service to help foreign students apply for and extend the residence permit; it also runs the mentoring programme studis4studis, the language exchange (for the arrangement of language tandems), the specialist mentoring programme FAMOS Connect, and FAMOS Intercultural for intercultural training.