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Department of History Friends' Association

The Friends’ Association brings together history students, staff and faculty members interested in getting involved outside of the classroom. An open forum for those seeking to exchange ideas on university-related affairs and contribute to departmental matters, the Friends’ Association is always happy to welcome new members.
Founded in 1997, the Friends’ Association was established to provide both financial and intellectual support for the Department of History’s academic and research efforts. Since its inception, the Association’s members and board have worked to enrich department life by offering monetary support when public funds are scarce and by organizing events such as graduation celebrations, regular guest lectures and the annual summer fête. The Friends’ Association also awards the Droysen Prize to exceptional students for outstanding scholastic achievements in writing and provides sponsorship for target student initiatives and projects.
The Association is also particularly interested in strengthening the department’s link between alumni members and current students, faculty and staff, assuming responsibility for the department’s external presence.