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The Institute as Host of the AvH-Network

Researcher mobility is indispensable for the everyday life of an international scientific institute. The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation's mobility programmes play a particularly important role in the international profile of our institute, as they enable the establishment of long-term personnel and institutional cooperation in Europe and worldwide. In the highly competitive application process, Humboldt Research Fellows (experienced researchers as well as post-doctoral fellows) have recently been welcomed to the IfG for extended research stays. This list shows which colleagues have been involved in recent years.


Ancient History

Dr. Georgios Deligiannakis, 2017

Harriet Fertik, Ph.D. (2017/2018)

Dr. Christa Gray (09/2016-09/2018)

Dr. Benjamin Gray (09/2016-09/2018)


19th Century European History

Dr. Moisés Prieto (07/2016 – 6/2018)


20th Century European History

Dr. Nikos Papadogiannis (01/2012-12/2013)

Dr. Molly Loberg, Kalifornien (04/2012-06/2012) - Bundeskanzler-Stipendiatin

Prof. Peter Jelavich (07/2014-06/2015) - Alexander von Humboldt- Forschungspreis

Prof. Michael Pullmann, Prag (09/2016-02/2017)

Prof. Béla Tomka, Szeged (06/2018-08/2018)


German History of the 20th Century with a focus on National Socialism   

Zuzanna Dziuban (01/2013-12/2014) 
Dr. Ottmar Trasca (01/2016-12/2017)


Southeast European History

Prof. Dr. Dejan Djokić, Professor of Goldsmith University of London (03/2015-09/2016)