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Ancient History 

Prof. Dr. Claudia Tiersch

Prof. Dr. Wilfried Nippel (Seniorprofessor)

  • Prof. Dr. Aloys Winterling

History of the Middle Ages from a Comparative Perspective: Early and High Middle Ages   

  • Prof. Dr. Barbara Schlieben

European History of the Middle Ages: Late Middle Ages       

  • Prof. Dr. Johannes Helmrath

Medieval History and Regional History   

  • Prof. Dr. Michael Menzel

History of the Renaissance 

  • Prof. Dr. Xenia von Tippelskirch

Early Modern European History     

  • Prof. Dr. Matthias Pohlig

19th Century European History     

  • Prof. Dr. Birgit Aschmann

20th Century European History 

  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Mergel

German History of the 20th Century with a focus on National Socialism   

  • Prof. Dr. Michael Wildt

History of Azerbaijan 

  • Prof. Dr. Eva-Maria Auch

Eastern European History   

  • Prof. Dr. Jörg Baberowski

History of Western Europe and Transatlantic Relations    

  • Prof. Dr. Gabriele Metzler

Modern and Contemporary History   

  • Prof. Dr. Martin Sabrow

Economic and Social History 

  • Prof. Dr. Alexander Nützenadel

Southeast European History 

  • Prof. Dr. Hannes Grandits

History of Science   

  • Prof. Dr. Anke te Heesen

Historical Informatics

  • Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Hohls

History Education       

  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Sandkühler
  • Digital History 

    Prof. Dr. Torsten Hiltmann


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