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End of Stay

If your Erasmus stay is coming to an end, don't forget to submit your last documents. Only when everything is complete will you be paid the second and last instalment of the grant. You can find an overview here on this page.

All information about the necessary steps and documents for the stay abroad with Erasmus+ can also be found in the Erasmus Manual for Outgoing Students.


1. Confirmation of Student Stay Abroad

Before your departure you must check out at your host university. Fill out the Confirmation of Student Stay Abroad, have it signed by your host university, and send it to Cornelia Marx and the IfG by email. If you have stayed in Switzerland, please use this document.


2. Second language test of the OLS

At the end of your stay you must take another language test in the OLS portal. Log in there, because you won't get a link!

You don't have to improve in the test, but it is urgently necessary to take it so that you can get your second grant instalment paid out. The results will be automatically sent to Ms. Marx.


3. Report in the OLS portal

In the same portal you must also submit a short experience report. The results will be automatically sent to Ms. Marx. This report is also necessary for the payment of the second instalment.


4. Alumni Experience Report

You must also fill out a ‘field report’ for Humboldt University. These reports, if you agree to their publication, will help interested students to decide on a host university. The template for the report can be found here.

You must submit the report to Ms. Marx by email within two weeks of the end of your studies.


→ The above-mentioned documents (numbered 1-4) must all be submitted to Ms. Cornelia Marx ( and to the Erasmus office ( within two weeks of the end of your studies!


5. Transcript of Records

After you have finished your Erasmus stay and passed all your exams, your host university will issue a Transcript of Records about your achievements. This will be sent either directly to you or to the Erasmus office. There you can pick it up during open hours.


6. Learning Agreement with Certificate of Recognition

Finally, with the Transcript of Records and your Learning Agreement, you must go to the Erasmus coordinator of the IfG, Mr. Benjamin Conrad, and have your achievements abroad recognised.

Important: You must pass at least 21 ECTS per semester/term so that your entitlement to the scholarship does not expire!


→ You must also submit the transcript and the Learning Agreement including proof of recognition to Ms. Cornelia Marx ( and to the Erasmus office ( by 1 October.



Further documents:

Application for Hardship Case

If you have been unable to pass your exams due to (for example) prolonged illness and return to HU with less than 21 ECTS per semester, you will need to complete a hardship case application. If this application is accepted, you will still receive the full scholarship and thus the second instalment of your scholarship.

In order to submit a hardship application, you must submit this document together with documentation of your illness (e.g. sick leave) to Ms. Marx at the International Office.


Renewal Request

Would you like to stay longer at your host university than agreed in the Grant Agreement? If you went for only one semester in the winter semester, you can extend your stay for another semester.

You must first ask your host university whether an extension is possible. Then you will need to fill in the application form and send it to Ms. Marx in the International Office, together with the confirmation of your host university.

If you have any questions, please contact the Erasmus office.