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Upon arrival

Once you have arrived at your host university, further documents must be submitted. You can find an overview here.

All information about the necessary steps and documents for your stay abroad with Erasmus+ can also be found in the Erasmus Handbook for Outgoing Students.


1. Confirmation of Registration

Upon arrival at your host university, you must enrol there. As an Erasmus student, you confirm this with the Confirmation of Registration. If you are going to Switzerland, please use this document.


2. Learning Agreement

If you need or want to change courses during your stay or immediately after your arrival, use page 4 of your Learning Agreement (the section is called During the Exchange). Students going to Switzerland have to fill out a separate document.

There is no deadline for this. Please submit your change requests, including the signatures of the host university and the Erasmus coordinator of the IfG, to Ms. Cornelia Marx by email as soon as possible.


→ All documents must be sent to Ms. Cornelia Marx ( in the International Office and by email to the Erasmus office ( within two weeks of arrival.



When will the first instalment of the grant be paid?

In order to receive the first part of your scholarship, the following documents must be collected and submitted to Mrs. Cornelia Marx within two weeks of arrival at your host university:

  • Copy of the Learning Agreement, complete with your signature and those of relevant persons at the host university and Humboldt University (Benjamin Conrad);
  • Confirmation of Registration;
  • Completed OLS language test (confirmation is automatically sent to Ms. Marx).


The payment of the scholarship instalment will only be made after the above-mentioned documents have been received.

Incomplete, missing or not submitted documents will result in non-payment of the scholarship.